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  • January 22, 2020
  • The Value of Organizational Branding and Advertising

    Organizational branding involves it trying to portray itself in a good way to potential job seekers. An organization will have an edge over others when it has a good impression. One of the ways to brand itself is through open communication, creating opportunity to grow for employees, recognizing and rewarding employees, better pay for employees just to mention a few. This article will outline the importance of employer branding for the organization.

    The employer is able to catch attention of potential staff at lesser fee. Dues to the great image the company creates; it receives a lot of applications from candidates having not yet advertised. This will in turn mean reduced cost of advertising and recruitment.

    Employer branding attracts high talent pool among new employees. While the company wants a job opening, there is a bunch of job seekers who send their application in owed to the good image it has.

    This reduces the duration the company takes to recruit new staff to the organizations benefit.

    Employer branding not only targets job seekers but also employees already engaged by the company. Consequently there is increased output from workers for the organization which excellent.

    Engaged employees is another benefit that comes with employer branding. Company staff is always busy with their work and are not destructed because they enjoy their jobs at the company. As a result the company achieves its target.

    Reduction of turnover rate is another benefit the employer gets from branding. This means there are fewer or no employees leaving the organization. As a result the expenditure goes down and in turn both staff and the company enjoys growth.

    The company acquires the best employees from the marketplace. This is as a result of most recruits knowing the company as a potential better employer hence them wanting to work for the company instead of other companies.

    It is vital for organizations to create a good impression so as to improve their employees efficiency. Companies with a good reputation have increased worker motivation who gives more results and thus a high production.

    Well branded organizations experience high profits. This is because of high output by workers and superior products by workers. Therefore employees are paid better and customer well satisfied. All in all employer branding has a very high impact on the employees, customers as well as other stakeholders such as government due to taxes collected.

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